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  • Final Exam: Dec 19, 2:45-4:45 PM.  Room TBA: 

Physics 202 is the second semester of a 2-semester introduction to physics that is designed mainly for engineering students. The main topics are electricity, magnetism, light, optics, and sound. There are two lectures, two discussions and one three-hour lab per week. Our goal is to help you develop an understanding and intuition for physics so that you can solve practical problems. The way to accomplish this goal is by thinking about and solving lots of problems and experimenting in the lab. We hope that Physics 202 will develop the critical thinking and collaborative skills you will need in your future career.

Administrative announcements about the course, examinations, etc., will be made in lecture and will sometimes be sent out by email, as well as announced on this page. All course information is also available on the course home page (see the links to the left for subcategories).

Be sure to watch for updates!


Physics 201 or equivalent.

Materials Needed
  • Text: Serway/Jewett, Physics for Scientists & Engineers Vol II, 8th ed. (all materials available in bookstore).More info
  • Laboratory Manual: Rollefson, Richards, and Winokur Laboratory Experiments in General Physics.
  • Laboratory notebook: Spiral bound, preferably with cross-hatched ruling. Bring to first lab.
  • Calculator: trig, exponential, and log functions. Know its use and bring it charged to exams.


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