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  • Welcome to Physics 247!
  • Please read through Chapter 1 before class on Sept. 4th


Goals of Physics 247

Physics 247/248/249 is designed for students interested in majoring in physics, astronomy or AMEP.  All students are expected  to have a strong math background with, at a minimum, one semester of college calculus.  Two semesters are preferable with coenrollment in Math 234. 

1. To develop an intuitive understanding of Newton's Laws and their applications.  

2. Introduce students to situations in which classical mechanics requires a more modern approach (i.e., special relativity)

3. To solve problems using both quantitative and qualitative applications of these physical principles.

4. To develop problem solving skills.

Study Imperatives

1.  Read assigned text before lectures
2.  Attend lectures, discussion sections and labs
3.  Identify challenging problems and work through them; working cooperatively with a group is generally a plus


The passive and active vibration isolation systems.

Harmonic Motion with Damping

Unbalanced gyroscope precession.
Gyroscopic Motion

Black holes orbiting around each other in decaying orbits are merging with absorption of the gas and dust that surround them.
Black Holes Coalescing 

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