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NPAC (Nuclear/Particle/Astro/Cosmo) Forum
Astroparticle physics with the ARGO-YBJ detector
Date: Thursday, September 13th
Time: 2:30 pm
Place: 4274
Speaker: Dr. Roberto Iuppa, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Roma, Italy
Abstract: The ARGO-YBJ experiment at YangBaJing in Tibet (4300 m a.s.l.) has been taking data with its full layout since November 2007. A few significant results obtained in gamma-ray astronomy and cosmic-ray physics are presented. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of gamma-ray emission from point-like sources, on the limit on the antiproton/proton flux ratio, on the measurement of the Mean Interplanetary Magnetic field, on the large-scale cosmic-ray anisotropy and on the protonaEuro"air cross-section. The performance of the detector is also discussed, and the perspectives of the experiment are outlined.
Host: Paolo Desiati
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