Theory Seminar (High Energy/Cosmology)

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what can we learn from the current Higgs data?
Date: Tuesday, April 25th
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: 5280 Chamberlin
Speaker: Peisi Huang, Texas A&M
Abstract: I am going to use the tth excess as an example to discuss the possibilities for new physics as indicated from the current Higgs data. I am going to review the excess in the tth channel, and discuss two possible interpretations.The first one is that the tth coupling is SM-like, the signal is due to stop pair production. The second one is the tth coupling is enhanced, and the enhanced gluon fusion is canceled by the presence of light stops. Then I am going to discuss the implications of a modified tth coupling, light stops, and a modified Higgs trilinear coupling to double Higgs production.
Presentation: Huang_tth.pdf
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