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Astronomy Colloquium
White Dwarf Binaries across the H-R diagram
Date: Thursday, October 27th
Time: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Place: Sterling Hall 4421
Speaker: Dr. Borja Anguiano, University of Notre Dame
Abstract: The evolution of multiple-star systems is a fundamental question in stellar astrophysics where around 25% of the binary systems are compact enough to exchange mass, changing the structures and subsequent evolution of both stars. Muti-object-wavelength-epoch massive stellar spectroscopic surveys are opening a new era to study the properties of compact binaries across the H-R diagram. In this talk I discuss the recent APOGEE-GALEX-Gaia Catalog (AGGC) of candidate compact binaries containing potential WD stars. Numbering over 3400 sources, the size of this catalog is comparable to that of previous WDMS catalogs but includes secondary companions in the MS, subgiant branch, RGB, and red clump (RC) phases of evolution, as well as systems that occupy the MS binary and sub-subgiant (SSG) regions of the H-R diagram.

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Host: Ke Zhang
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