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Preliminary Exam
Superconductor-semiconductor hybrid systems for quantum computing applications
Date: Monday, December 12th
Time: 10:00 am
Place: B343 Sterling
Speaker: Ben Harpt, Physics Graduate Student
Abstract: In the global pursuit to develop quantum computers with unprecedented problem-solving capabilities, success hinges upon engineering platforms that are both controllable and scalable. Superconductors and semiconductors are, individually, among the most promising materials platforms for building a solid-state quantum processor. However, combing the advantages of both materials to build hybrid quantum devices unlocks yet further potential. In this talk, I overview the physics of ‘super-semi’ hybrid systems and discuss how it forms a basis for new technologies in quantum computing. I focus in detail on two diverse applications which are the primary focus of my doctoral research: (1) superconducting resonators used for readout of quantum dot qubits; and (2) qubits formed from Josephson junctions in proximitized germanium heterostructures. In the former example, I show completed work identifying and utilizing a little-known coupling mechanism between the qubit and the resonator. In the latter, I demonstrate early progress toward developing devices and outline a pathway for future research. Studying these and other super-semi hybrid systems offers fruitful new physics and technologies for scaling up quantum computers.
Host: Mark Eriksson
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