Graduate Program Events

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Events During the 2024 Fall Semester

August 2024

   Friday, August 2nd
Graduate School Summer 2024: Request for all Master's and Doctoral Degree Warrants
   Sunday, August 11th
8-week summer session ends
   Tuesday, August 13th
Election Day for Wisconsin, including same-day registration
   Wednesday, August 14th
Summer Semester Grading deadline (8-week)
   Monday, August 19th
Faculty contract year begins
   Sunday, August 25th
Graduate School Summer 2024: Doctoral degree deadline
   Monday, August 26th
Graduate School Fall 2024: Fall Degree Window Period begins
   Thursday, August 29th
Qualifying Exam - Classical Mechanics
Qualifying Exam - Statisical Mechanics
   Friday, August 30th
Qualifying Exam - Electricity and Magnetism
Qualifying Exam - Quantum Mechanics

September 2024

   Monday, September 2nd
Labor Day
   Tuesday, September 3rd
Graduate School Fall 2024: Dissertator eligibility for the fall
Graduate School Fall 2024: Fall degree window period deadline for doctoral students
   Wednesday, September 4th
Fall semester instruction begins

October 2024

November 2024

   Tuesday, November 5th
Election Day, including same-day registration
   Thursday, November 28th
Thanksgiving recess
   Friday, November 29th
Thanksgiving recess
   Saturday, November 30th
Thanksgiving recess

December 2024

   Sunday, December 1st
Thanksgiving recess
   Wednesday, December 11th
Last Fall Semester class day
   Thursday, December 12th
Study Day
   Friday, December 13th
   Saturday, December 14th
   Sunday, December 15th
   Monday, December 16th
   Tuesday, December 17th
   Wednesday, December 18th
   Thursday, December 19th
   Sunday, December 22nd
Fall Semester Grading deadline