Graduate Program Events

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Events During the 2022 Spring Semester

January 2022

   Monday, January 17th
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
   Friday, January 21st
Spring 2022 Qualifying Exam
   Tuesday, January 25th
Spring semester instruction begins

February 2022

   Tuesday, February 15th
Election Day

March 2022

   Saturday, March 12th
Spring recess
   Sunday, March 13th
Spring recess
   Monday, March 14th
Spring recess
   Tuesday, March 15th
Spring recess
   Wednesday, March 16th
Spring recess
   Thursday, March 17th
Spring recess
   Friday, March 18th
Spring recess
   Saturday, March 19th
Spring recess
   Sunday, March 20th
Spring recess
   Monday, March 21st
Classes resume

April 2022

   Tuesday, April 5th
Election Day
   Wednesday, April 6th
Ryan Roussell, SLAC
PGSC Professional Development Event
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm; Chamberlain 4274, hosted by David Guevel
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   Tuesday, April 26th
Alex Pizzuto, Physics PhD Graduate Student
Hunting for cosmic neutrino sources from Giga- to Exa-electronvolt with IceCube
2:00 pm; B343 Sterling, hosted by Justin Vandenbroucke
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   Friday, April 29th
Trevor Oxholm, Physics PhD Graduate Student
Intensity Mapping: Science and Instrumentation Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum
2:00 pm; B343 Sterling or join online: , hosted by Peter Timbie
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May 2022

   Monday, May 2nd
Final exam block
Evan Heintz, Physics PhD Graduate Student
The Influence of Cosmic Ray Transport on the Stability of Interstellar Gas
9:30 am; B343 Sterling, hosted by Ellen Zweibel
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   Tuesday, May 3rd
Final exam block
   Wednesday, May 4th
Final exam block
   Thursday, May 5th
Final exam block
   Friday, May 6th
Last class day
Final exam block
Gregory Holdman, Physics PhD Graduate Student
Metasurfaces for Mid-Infrared Applications
3:00 pm; 5310 Chamberlin Hall, hosted by Victor Brar
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   Saturday, May 7th
Study day
Final exam block
   Monday, May 9th
Robert Morgan, Physics PhD Graduate Student
Hunting for Multimessenger Transients and Lensed Supernovae
3:00 pm; 2241 Chamberlin Hall, hosted by Keith Bechtol
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   Friday, May 13th
Commencement (Doctoral and Medical Professional)
   Saturday, May 14th
Commencement (Bachelor's, Master's, Law)
   Tuesday, May 31st
3 week summer session begins