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Astronomy Colloquium
Understanding Planetary Evolution with Eclipsing Disks & Transiting Planets
Date: Thursday, November 12th
Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Place: Zoom meeting(see Abstract ) Coffee and tea 3:30pm, Talk 3:45 PM
Speaker: Joey Rodriguez,, Harvard CfA, Michigan State 1/2021
The success of ground-based transit and RV surveys, and the Kepler/K2 and TESS missions, have shifted the exoplanet field from pure discovery to a combination of discovery, demographic analysis, and detailed characterization, especially for exoplanet atmospheres. Unfortunately, most known transiting exoplanet hosts are too faint to permit detailed characterization. We are using data from the TESS, Kepler/K2, and ground-based transit surveys to find keystone planetary systems around bright stars that can help address specific questions about planet formation and evolution. We are also studying the birthplaces of planets by searching for occultations of newly formed stars by their protoplanetary disks with our Disk Eclipse Search with KELT (DESK) survey. These systems provide insight into the conditions required for planet formation. I will describe our recent results from both projects and discuss how we will study these types of objects in future surveys such as LSST.
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Host: Assistant Professor Andrew Vanderburg
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