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For information about the status of our computing services, refer to the UW-Physics Monitoring System.

Contact Computing Help

For assistance, contact one of the computing staff, email the UW-Physics Help System, page us via 608-657-0747, or send a brief message in the subject of a pager email.
(Note that you must send mail from a .edu,, or address.)


The Physics Department has a myriad of computing resources available to faculty, staff and students...

Safe computing information: protect your computer and identity!
AFS file system
Automated help desk/request tracking system
Automated installation and configuration of Debian and Scientific Linux.
Faculty web applications documented in the Faculty Website Manual
Backups via EMC Networker and the Teradactyl True incremental Backup System (aka TiBS)
Condor high-throughput grid computing environment
Computer room facilities for clustering and grid computing
Data Disposal (wiping hard drives)
DHCP service for "plug and go" Internet service
Domain name service (
Email services with spam protection
Web browser email access via Squirrelmail
Linux desktop computers clustered via AFS, Kerberos and Cfengine
Mailing lists automated using the Mailman software
Network & Systems status monitoring via Nagios
Printer and photocopying Information
Remote login (Linux shell) access via SSHing to
Web publishing and virtual web site hosting
UWNet Wireless networking

Additional UW-Physics Computing Web Pages

How to change passwords
Operating Systems Supported by UW-Physics
Applications Supported by UW-Physics
Networking Information
Network & Systems Status Web Site
UW Network Graphs
UW Network Outages
practice safe computing!
UW's Acceptable Use Policy


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