Women and Gender Minorities in Physics (GMaWiP)

Mission Statement:

This is a group for women and gender minorities in physics. Our goals are to provide both professional development and support for women and gender minorities in physics at every step in their careers by taking concrete actions through the following methods:

(I) Career Development,
(II) Mentorship,
(III) Fellowship, and
(IV) Outreach.

In addition, we provide advocacy for other underrepresented groups in physics, including, but not limited to students of color, students with disability status, low-income students, and LGBT+ students.

If you’d like to get emails from the group, add yourself to the gmawip@lists.wisc.edu list to get emails about our future plans! You can also like our group on Facebook: University of Wisconsin-Madison Women and Gender Minorities in Physics or visit our website for more details about the types of events we hold: https://gmawip.physics.wisc.edu/.


1. I am not a physics major – can I still come?

Yes! Please do!

The group is intended for anyone who feels the term “woman or gender minority in physics” applies to them. So, if you’re at all considering physics graduate school, if you’ve been taking a lot of physics classes and loving them, etc., these all apply. If you’re interested, that probably includes you!

2. What is the Women and Gender Minorites in Physics mentoring program?

The women and gender minorities in physics mentoring program is a group of graduate students and undergraduates that meet once a month in an informal setting.  The main goal of this group is to get to know other members of the department, for both personal and professional support. In the past we’ve gone out to dinner, made a bonfire at Picnic Point, and gone bowling. In addition to the informal meetings we also hold a few events for professional development, such as essay reading workshops in the fall for REU/graduate school/fellowship applications. If you’re an undergrad and you’d like to get to know other students in your classes, or if you’re just looking for a fun and welcoming group in the department, add yourself to to the gmawip@lists.wisc.edu email to get updates about future meetings!

3. I don’t identify as a woman or gender minority in physics – can I come?

Yes, please do! Our general meetings are open to everyone – right now we’re restricting the mentorship program to women and gender minorities.

4. I’d like to get involved – who should I contact?

To get information about the group you should contact Emily Lichko (contact information available on the Physics Graduate Students page).